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A street in Rome.
A couple at the Colosseum in Rome.
St Peter's Basilica in the evening.

What you'll do

Discover the best of Rome with this interactive app that includes a city map, suggested tours, commentaries and much more.

Get the Vox City Guide app with the Omnia Rome and Vatican Pass

  • Your guide to Rome’s cultural hotspots, attraction highlights and hidden gems.
  • 100+ points of interest and commentaries from local storytellers.
  • The app can be used online and offline.

Explore Rome at your own pace with an interactive tour guide at your fingertips. Just download the app and get ready to discover the Eternal City.

The Vox City Guide app is your key to unlocking the best of Rome. Find out where to go and what to do in the city through features that include suggested tours (on foot and by public transport), a map that can be navigated both online and off, and high-quality picture, tips and audio narrations.

Tick off big hitters like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain and St Peter’s Basilica, and get right under the skin of the city with commentary from local experts via the app. 

You can also discover Rome’s best-kept secrets. Take a tour of Trastevere, the hip, bohemian suburb full of artisan shops, traditional trattorias and craft beer pubs. Or discover the fairytale world of Quartiere Coppedè in Rome’s Trieste district. This relatively small neighborhood is home to a fantastical collection of buildings spanning many different architectural styles, from Ancient Greek to Art Nouveau and everything in between – a paradise for Instagrammers everywhere.

Wherever you roam, the Vox City Guide acts as your helpful companion as you explore the city, with over 100 points of interest, plus plenty of in-depth information and enough ideas to keep you occupied for days on end. It also contains all the tools you need to get back on track should you get lost along the way.

As part of this Omnia Rome and Vatican Pass package, you’ll also receive a Roma Pass which gives you free entry to your choice of two Rome attractions, plus discounted entry to many more. You’ll also have a 72-hour travel card to help you breeze between attractions with ease.

Know before you go

In order to access the Vox city guide, passholders will need to download the OMNIA Vatican Rome app. 

How to download the app

  1. Purchase your OMNIA Card online and pick it in Rome from an OMNIA redemption center using your redemption voucher, which can be accessed through the confirmation email.
  2. Using the link in your confirmation email, enter the unique number and secure code from your OMNIA Card to request access to the app.
  3. You'll receive an email containing all the information you need to download and access the app. 

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