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The Ultimate Rome Bucket List: Top 50 things to do in the City

When in Rome, do as the Romans do with our top things to do in and around the city. Time to start planning your Rome Bucket List!

The Eternal City is a beautiful place to visit, but what’s on your Rome bucket list? Check out our ultimate list of the top 50 things to do in Rome, courtesy of the team behind the OMNIA Vatican & Rome Card.

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1. The Colosseum is an ancient gladiatorial arena and one of the most recognised symbols of Rome. Head back in time and discover the history of this impressive building. 2. Drink an espresso (un caffè) or a caffè macchiato if you want some milk in it. Don’t order a latte though – you’ll just get milk! 3. Take a stroll through the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum, which is also visible from the Capitoline Museums. 4. Soak up the atmosphere in one of the restaurants which line one of Rome’s most popular public spaces, Piazza Navona.

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5. Spend some time at St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican, home to the Sistine Chapel. 6. Cross the river and explore the hip and bohemian area of Trastevere. 7. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain which has a marble statue of Neptune at its centre. Visit early in the morning or late at night to avoid the tourists. 8. Wander the cobbled streets around the Colosseum and get lost in Centro Storico. 9. Shop in style at the beautiful Galleria Alberto Sordi with stained-glass skylights and mosaic floors. On the neighbouring streets, you’ll find plenty of designer boutiques.

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10. Marvel at the architecture of the Pantheon, the former temple and best-preserved monument of Imperial Rome. 11. Take a break from ancient and Baroque art, and indulge in some from the modern era. Locals say MAXXI, the Museum of 21st Century Art, is the best place to see modern and contemporary art in Rome. 12. Walk up Gianicolo at dusk for a spectacular panoramic view of Rome. If you’re there at midday, you’ll hear the cannon which has fired every day since the battle of Rome was won there! Read up on our favourite Instagram Spots in Rome for some of the city's best views. 13. Sample the delights of Roman cuisine. Although traditionally simple, the dishes are delicious. Try the fried artichoke starter and pig’s cheek pasta. Find out more in Our Guide to the Top Rome Foods you should try! 14. Find the nondescript door to the Priory of the Knights of Malta on Aventine Hill, just past the orange grove. Look through its keyhole: locals love the perfect view of St Peter’s Basilica. 15. Visit the spectacular Capitoline Museums. Read our Guide to the 10 sculptures you can’t miss. 16. On the second Sunday of every month, explore the antique market on the River Tiber which starts just under the ancient Ponte Milvio Bridge. Soak up the local culture and wander around some of Rome's best street markets. 17. Hire a bike and ride through the Appia Antica Regional Park. Located along one of the oldest and important Roman roads, it’s brimming with ancient ruins. 18. Take a stroll through the city centre and look out onto Galleria Spada. You’ll be amazed by the magic of Borromini’s masterpiece. 19. Relax in the Villa Borghese Park, one of the largest parks in the city centre, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 20. Legend has it the Bocca della Verità or the Mouth of Truth, outside the Basilica di Santa Maria in Cosmedin, bites off the hand of anyone who is not telling the truth. Try it! Movie-lovers will recognise this city hotspot after seeing it in Audrey Hepburn's "Roman Holiday". 21. Fancy a cocktail with an Italian twist? Visit Barattolo and sample one of the famous tiramisù cocktails served in a jar. 22. For jazz music lovers, visit the Casa del Jazz (House of Jazz) and watch famous and lesser-known Italian and international jazz musicians. 23. There are more than 60 catacombs in Rome. Venture underground and join a guided tour and learn about the rites and customs of the early Church years. 24. Make time in the early evening for an aperitivo. Most bars offer some snacks to accompany your drink, check out some of our favourites around the city!

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25. On the Rome bucket list of history-buffs, the underground bunker in which Mussolini and his family lived during the Second World War is hidden under Villa Torlonia. 26. For music concerts, exhibitions, plays and festivals, visit Rome’s greatest concert hall, the Auditorium Parco della Musica. 27. Bioparco, Rome’s Zoo, is home to a wide variety of animals. It’s great for kids of all ages. 28. Take a tip from locals and visit the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. It has some of the best exhibitions in the city and sometimes hosts cinema evenings. 29. Visit a traditional tavern (fraschetta) for good local wine and food that’s budget-friendly.

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30. Watch the world go by on Piazza del Popolo where there’s always something going on. 31. If you’re in Rome in the summer, take in the magic of the open-air theatre in the Villa Borghese Park . 32. Enjoy a relaxing break in the Terme di Trastevere This spa evokes the beauty rituals of ancient Rome and you can unwind in a bath of wine, citrus fruits and herbs, or donkey milk, just as Cleopatra did! 33. Want to escape the tourists? Visit the Abbazia delle Tre Fontane. The Trappist monks who live here recently began making and selling their own beer. 34. Check out the work by artists around the world displayed across the fronts of the buildings in the Tor Marancia district, as part of a regeneration project. 35. Stroll along the river banks or take a scenic cruise along the River Tiber which runs through the heart of Rome. 36. The little Borgo Pio neighbourhood just behind the Vatican is amazingly quiet. The streets in this traditional area are lined with trattorias and bars. Keep your eyes open for the small fountain in the middle of Piazza del Catalone. 37. In Rome for a romantic trip? Visit the romantic Roseto Comunale near the Circo Massimo at the foot of the Palatine Hill where over 1000 varieties of roses grow. 38. Love pop surrealism? The Dorothy Circus Gallery is for you! This was the first art gallery in Rome to specialise in the genre. 39. A secret top tip: the Centrale Montemartini displays classical sculptures in the middle of an old power plant. It’s a combination that works surprisingly well!

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40. Visit the city’s best gelateria, Giolitti, which is near to the Pantheon. 41. Are you a film lover? Join a guided tour and wander around film sets and studios at Cinecittà. Or create your own tour with our Movie-Lovers' Guide to Rome. 42. Want to know what life was like in ancient Rome? Enrol in Gladiator School and you’ll see for yourself! 43. Take a Vespa Tour by night and recreate your own Roman holiday scene! 44. Apparently the best chocolate in Rome, the chocolate factory at SAID is nestled in the San Lorenzo district. 45. Take a food tour with an expert local guide and titillate your tastebuds. Don't forget to sample some of the most delicious hand-held goodies with our guide to Rome's best Street Food! 46. A short 15-minute drive out of Rome, Monte Mario is Rome’s highest peak and offers stunning views of the city, particularly in the evening. 47. Indulge in a ballet or opera at the Teatro dell’Opera and follow it with a hearty bowl of pasta at one of the nearby restaurants. 48. The legendary tomb of Remus, the Pyramid of Cestius, is the only pyramid in Europe. 49. People-watch on the Spanish steps leading up from Piazza di Spagna to the Trinità dei Monti church. 50. Fanatical about pasta? Visit the National Pasta Museum on the Via Flaminia and be sure to check out our Guide to the Best Pasta Restaurants in Rome! Did we miss out something? What's on your Rome Bucket list? Let us know in the comments!
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