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The Best Pasta Restaurants in Rome

What else were you going to eat in Italy? Here's the best pasta restaurants in Rome

Nothing compares to a steaming dish of home-cooked Italian pasta and luckily, there's a number of fantastic places to order some in Rome. The city's full of options (and recipes), for every creamy carbonara at a family trattoria, there's a sea urchin pasta across the way at a modern bistro. Check out some of the best pasta restaurants in Rome below.

Uma legítima pasta a carbonara italiana, al dente e queijo pecorino.

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Da Danilo

Nothing beats homemade food and the adage follows in Italy. Da Danilo, a trattoria owned by a mother-son duo, whip up some of the best pasta in the capital and as such are always in high demand. Specialising in carbonara, Rome's signature dish, as well as other simple comforts like cacio e pepe, Da Danilo's a perfect place for authentic classics. Via Petrarca, 13, 00185 Roma, Italy

When in Roma.... My home away from home @fabianaf1979

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Armando al Pantheon

After roaming the iconic Pantheon, head over to the nearby Armando al Pantheon for a meal that will really hit the spot. Despite being surrounded by subpar tourist trap restaurants, the food is next level with favourites including the spicy and garlicky Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peproncino as well Spaghetti alla Gricia, a hearty dish comprising of Pecorino Romano cheese, guanciale and black pepper. Salita dei Crescenzi, 31, 00186 Roma, Italy


Whether you're tucking into peppery Cacio e Pepe or buttery Rigatoni Burro e Parmigiano, Roscioli is a pasta restaurant that always delights. These chefs know and prioritise quality ingredients, as in a previous life Roscioli was once a fine foods boutique, and elevate their dishes beyond the norm. They've also got a killer wine list if you're looking for something to wash it all down with. Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22, 00186 Roma, Italy

Grandissimo spaghetto con le vongole del lago di Caprolace. #lagodicaprolace #solouva #arcariedanesi #roma #ilsanlorenzo

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Il Sanlorenzo

There's a time and place for cheesy pasta and a meal at Il Sanlorenzo isn't it. Specialising in seafood pastas, Il Sanlorenzo is a welcome change from the carbonaras of the city. The menu tends to change depending on the season and what seafood is freshest, but you can expect to see razor clams, octopi, prawns and sea urchin topping their pastas. Via dei Chiavari, 4/5, 00186 Roma, Italy


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La Tavernaccia da Bruno

This family-run trattoria is located on the outskirts of the effortlessly hipster Trastevere neighbourhood and serves up quality Roman pasta classics, as well as a handful from Umbria where the owner hails from. The standout dish here is the lasagna, made with layers and layers of freshly made pasta and bechamel sauce baked in their wood-fired oven. Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese, 63, 00153 Roma, Italy

Osteria Bonelli

While it's not the fanciest joint on the list, Osteria Bonelli's hearty pasta recipes give any restaurant a run for their money and they're also luckily a fraction of the price. With seasonal dishes as well as the classics, the osteria's recipes attract a diverse crowd of locals and tourists. If you're feeling up to it, they also have a few quinto quarto - or offal - dishes worth the culinary adventure. Viale dell'Acquedotto Alessandrino, 172/174, 00176 Roma, Italy
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