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The Top 10 Spots for the Best Coffee in Rome

Discover the comprehensive caffeine guide to the best coffee in Rome

Forget Starbucks and Costa, you’re in Italy now. Discover what a real coffee is meant to taste like in Rome, where more often than not you’ll spot locals sipping espressos as the warm days roll on by. From legendary haunts to sleek modern hangouts, there’s a cafe and coffee shop for everybody in the capital to sate your caffeine cravings.

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Sant’Eustachio il Caffe

Located just a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, the coffee is so good at this cafe that even locals will brave the tourist crowd for a pick-me-up. These purveyors of coffee have been grinding beans and whipping up macchiatos since 1938 and go by the motto, ‘Life is too short for bad coffee’ - a saying we can definitely get behind. Easily spotted by its bright yellow cups and the packed tables spilling out onto the street beside the entrance, those worried about the price of coffee in Italy can save a few cents by opting to stand at the indoor bar.

Caffe Tazza d’Oro

Step into another world at Tazza d’Oro, a cafe that still thrives with an old-world energy and serves a mean espresso. The entire establishment looks as though it never aged out of the 1940s and that adds to its charm, with a lovingly crafted sculptural trim running the length of the store and marble columns throwing back to Rome’s classical architecture. For a real sweet treat, grab a Granita di Caffe con Panna - frozen espresso finished off with a generous helping of whipped cream.

Sciascia Caffe

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but legendary establishment Sciascia Caffe is out to prove everyone wrong. Beloved by the likes of Lonely Planet, AFAR and locals, it’s widely regarded as the best coffee in Rome and a must-visit for those serious about their beans. One of their signature offerings is the Espresso Chocolate, which combines luxurious dark chocolate with the best espresso in the capital.

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Necci Dal 1924

This charming cafe in the picturesque Pigneto district is where you’ll be able to rub elbows with Rome’s cool kids, many of whom start the day off right here with a freshly baked pastry and a frothy cappuccino. While it may have started off as a gelateria and becomes a bustling restaurant later in the day, it’s a gorgeous place to unwind on one of your lazier days - especially if you can get a spot on its unbeatable terrace.

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l’Arte del caffe Er Barretto

If you’re more about style than substance, Er Barretto serves up a decent cup - but the real draw is its adorable customised cappuccino art. Their barristas go the extra mile and are masters with a coffee cup, whipping up floral, typography and animal designs in a matter of seconds that’ll have you sorted for the perfect Instagram. Located in Monti, it’s a small detour from sites such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum and Trevi Fountain.

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Caffe Ciampini

There’s a reason why many of Rome’s most famous creative types made this place their favourite hangout. With gorgeous marble interiors and a blend of beans to die for, this family-run caffe not only makes a fantastic espresso but also offers amazing croissants and homemade cakes if you’re feeling peckish. And if you’re travelling with little ones, they’ll be sorted with a scoop of gelato while you get your fix.

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Antico Caffe Greco

For one of the oldest coffee shops in Rome, head to Antico Caffe Greco which has been a stalwart on the scene since 1760. This atmospheric cafe has seen the best minds of Rome and modern thinkers pass through its doors and drink deeply from its coffee cups, retaining elements of the old-world with suited waiters and gorgeous Renaissance art lining its walls. (It also serves as a small gallery, with over 300 works on display.)

Pergamino Caffe

This new kid on the block is one of the few shining culinary lights around the Vatican museums, serving both classic Italian coffees and more adventurous choices for those bored of their standard latte. This modern hipster spot serves everything from a stunning cappuccino to a cold brew Nitro for those hot summer days when a steaming cup of coffee just makes you want to melt.

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Cafffe Camerino

Do as the locals do and head to Cafffe Camerino, where the most discerning of Italians head for some of the best coffee around. Their cappuccinos have to be tried to be believed, but don’t outrage the Romans - stick to ordering it for breakfast as ordering a frothy, milky coffee anywhere is a no-no after lunch rolls around. Authentic and high quality, there’s a reason so many people return to this spot over and over again for their morning Joe.

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With several locations scattered throughout the city, the beverages at each Castroni location are top notch at this traditional coffee bar. With beans from Central America, Indonesia and Africa, nothing but the best coffee beans are enough for this popular spot which also hawks other authentic Italian produce: think wine, olive oil, desserts and more. Keep an eye out as you’re wandering around as many branches pop up around tourist hotspots and it’s well worth dipping in for a quick cup before you continue on your travels.

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