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The Best Perspectives in Rome

You expect to see historic ruins and ancient artefacts when you’re in Rome; it’s a given. But there’s so much more to see in terms of its urban landscape. Rome’s flowing river, the Tiber, adds a romantic edge to the dusty cobbled streets and vertiginous viewpoints allow you to climb to the best summits in the city and look over the old Empire. With so many to choose from, we’ve handpicked some of what we think are must-see things to do in Rome for picture-perfect moments. Steal a snapshot of some of Rome’s best panoramas and take home something to remember. St Peter’s Basilica & its Dome St Peter’s Basilica is one of Rome’s most popular landmarks and religious hot-spots. With thousands flocking to the central church every day to step within the marble masterpiece, you know it must be good. Don’t get us wrong, the inside is wonderful, but for something a bit different, we prefer what's on the outside. One of our favourite things to do in St Peter’s Basilica is to climb the dome. For an unparalleled view over Rome, the dome stands at 136.6m – and is the tallest dome in the world. You can climb the 551 steps from the bottom, or take a lift half way, and walk around the dome for a stunning 360 ̊ panorama of the Eternal City. Look across Bernini’s square, over the walls of the Vatican and down to the River Tiber. Appreciate Rome’s terracotta themed skyline and count the domes of the city and take in the sweeping views. It doesn’t get better than this; don’t forget the camera. Villa Borghese Just across the river from St Peter’s Basilica and Castel Sant’Angelo is Piazza del Popolo, at the foot of Villa Borghese, Rome’s most central park. This green pocket of calm provides a nice contrast to the warm tones of the terraced city where visitors and locals alike seek to retreat for a quiet moment. Dotted with English classical buildings, fountains, ponds and meadow like grounds it’s the perfect place for a picnic and to experience the side of Rome that only the locals know about. Find a wooden bench, or take a stroll around the 148 acres (or however many you can manage!) for a clean and green experience of Rome; great to escape from the hustle and bustle of the ancient, vibrant, city. What’s more, if you’re after another view, the Pincio, at the top of the steps leading up from Piazza del Popolo, offers another perspective over Rome, this time from the south of the river. Rome Bus Tour As an alternative experience, Rome Bus Tour – run by Roma Cristiana – offers a great way of exploring the city from all angles – and from the comfort of your seat. As you’re driven through the streets of central Rome, past the old ruins and landmarks of the Eternal City, sit back and enjoy a running commentary of the view. Learn about the hero gladiators that fought in the Coliseum and find out about the famous artists and architects of the city as you pass in front of their monumental masterpieces. Over the river, across from the ancient Forum, Circus Maximus, up to the Vatican City and everything in between, look down the narrow cobbled streets to discover your own Rome. What’s more, you can even hop-on, and hop-off at your leisure should you wish to go exploring.... For the complete sightseeing experience, we can make your life easy with the OMNIA Vatican & Rome Card (including a Roma Pass)– you can get a free hop-on, hop-off ticket for the Rome Bus tour included, as well as skip the line privileges to St Peter’s Basilica. What’s more, you can take advantage of our free guidebook and map that comes with it so you won’t get lost on your way!

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