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Rome Sightseeing - The Best Instagram Spots in Rome

Enjoy a spot of Rome sightseeing and add a dash of culture to your social media with the best Instagram spots in Rome below!

Rome, the eternal city, has centuries of history, culture and art thanks to being the heart of the Roman Empire. With a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and spiritual landmarks, Rome sightseeing is second to none! While wandering around town, you'll want to keep your camera handy because we've put together a list on some of the best photo spots around the city. Pack your portable charger because you're set for some serious Rome sightseeing with our guide to the best Instagram spots in Rome.

St Peter's Basilica

As the heart and soul of the Roman Catholic faith, St Peter's Basilica is renowned for its stunning architecture, distinctive dome and marble detailing. It happens to be the largest church in Rome and there's always something breathtaking to photograph both inside and out, whether you're snapping photos of its tall pillars or Bernini's bronze pavilion. Filled with sculptures and mosaics, it's also an inspiring place of artistic expression and boasts an incredible view of the city from the top of its towers.


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Sistine Chapel

Best known for its captivating ceiling fresco The Last Judgement painted by Michelangelo, the Sistine Chapel is one of the most visited sites within the Vatican City and also most frequently photographed. Part of the Vatican Museums which contains a prolific collection of art and details the history of Catholicism in the city, the 15th century chapel also features murals by Botticelli. Stand in the centre of the cathedral and point your camera directly upwards at Michelangelo's masterpiece for the ultimate Instagram shot.

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The Coliseum

Add a splash of ancient history to your Instagram feed with a shot of the Roman Coliseum, where gladiators, wild animals and emperors once roamed. More than 2000 years later, it's now frequented mainly by tourists and the gigantic amphitheatre's distinctive arches, pillars and steep, tiered seats are impossible not to photograph. Scale to the top of its seating area and its walkways to get a full sense of the structure's sheer size, as well as a breathtaking view over its crumbling ruins.

Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo

This stark structure cuts an imposing figure amidst Rome's skyline and the former fortress stands sentinel over the nearby River Tiber. Now a popular ancient Roman museum and the mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian, it's always a hit with history buffs and travel photographers. According to legend, a holy vision depicted the Archangel Michael sheathing his sword on top of the building to signify the end of a plague wracking the city and this has been recreated in an impressive bronze figure, overseeing the city. The opulent Papal Apartments are rich with stunning details and the Courtyard of the Angel is perfect for well-lit photographs.

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Trevi Fountain

While it may be a struggle to get a photo of the Trevi Fountain without crowds of tourists in your shot, it's an iconic Roman sight with beautiful Baroque sculptures. Get someone to snap a photo of you tossing coins into its glittering waters (a popular tradition that is said to ensure a return trip to Rome) or sitting on its low walls with the marble structure arcing over you, much like Hillary Duff in the Lizzie McGuire Movie.
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