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When In Rome... a day in the life

One of the best things to do when experiencing another culture is to fully embrace it yourself. Whether it’s with the locals themselves, or with your family, get to grips with the Roman culture to make the most of your stay. From how to drink your coffee, to getting around the city, these are our top tips and recommendations for things to do when in Rome. Drink an espresso... standing up It’s no surprise that Italians love their coffee. Did you know the espresso is even regulated by the Italian government as it’s considered an essential part of an Italian’s daily lifestyle? In Rome, you’ll notice most drink their coffees, stood up, at a bar (not the alcoholic kind) but a very understated coffee shop, before 9am. Also, if you don’t like your coffee strong you’ll have to specify that you want milk adding to it, otherwise just asking for un caffè will mean you’ll get an espresso automatically. FYI - if you want an Americano, you want to ask for un caffè lungo. Hire a Vespa Getting around Rome is even easier if you hire a Vespa. Traffic in Rome is crazy at the best of times, so you’ll want to avoid getting in a taxi, and public buses can be few and far between. The best way to nip around Rome – if you’re a confident driver – is to hire a classic Vespa from Bici&Baci. Take in the sites on two wheels and you can determine your own sightseeing itinerary. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about parking either, just do as the Romans do and leave it wherever you want! Just don’t forget where and take your helmets with you! Get a photo with a Gladiator It’s not often, if ever, you see swarms of grown men dressed head to toe as a gladiators unless it’s for a themed social event. In Rome you only need to be 200m from the Coliseum and Roman Forum and you’ll see them with their red pleated skirts and bronze armour hustling for a photo. The best thing is to wait, and while they’re not looking, get one from afar – if not, you’ll end up forking out to pay for that precious selfie, which could be a costly souvenir. Eat a gelato If you’re visiting Rome in the warmer months, or any month for that matter, a gelato is a must. This creamy ice cream is one of the most popular foods in the city and you’ll see everyone walking around with a dripping cone of multi-coloured scoops. The Italians are experimental with their gelato flavours and you can pretty much get anything that’s edible whipped up; some of our personal favourites are Panacotta and Bacio. For a taste of real authentic Roman gelato make a beeline for Giolitti, the city’s favourite gelato house! Shop like a local The Italians love their food and they have a huge culture around fresh, local produce. Forget anything processed and refined, when in Rome, you will eat well. Locals champion traditional recipes and eating simply – and everything is delicious! If you’re staying in an Air B&B or are self-catered, why don’t you join the locals and do your shop at a fresh food market. With the help of some authentic recipes and fresh ingredients, you can make your own restaurant-worthy meals. Make sure Campo dei Fiori is on your list of places to visit, it’s the oldest running market in Rome, operating since 1869 and has an impressive offering of fresh ingredients every day except Sunday.

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