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The 20 Most Romantic Places in Rome

Soak up the romance in the Eternal City with our guide to the most romantic places in Rome!

With heaps of romantic places to share with your loved one, Rome is the perfect mix of greenery, history and radiant sunsets. Beautiful architecture lines the streets while hidden cafés nestle under arches and between historic buildings. If you’re looking for a European destination to explore with your partner, Rome is the perfect place to go. The team at the OMNIA Vatican & Rome Pass have put together this handy guide to help you dial up the romance.

Explore the Villa Borghese Gardens

Head over to the beautiful gardens of Villa Borghese for a romantic stroll or a quiet picnic in the lush greenery. Villa Borghese was built in the 17th century and now houses the largest private art collection in the world. The gardens themselves offer a small lake with rowing boats for hire and a small zoo; bike rental is also popular. Make sure you don’t miss the Temple of Aesculapius by the small pond, which is particularly tranquil.

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The Pincio Gardens

Stroll across the pedestrian bridge within the Borghese Gardens to discover the Pincio Gardens that neighbour the park. There are beautiful views from the terrace at the Piazzale Napoleone I, particularly at sunset – well worth the climb up the hill.

Horse-drawn carriages

What could be more romantic than touring the ancient streets of Rome in a horse-drawn carriage? The carriages are called Botticella (meaning small barrel) and there is a choice of tour routes taking in famous monuments including the Coliseum, Circus Maximus and the Trevi fountain.

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Cruise the Tiber

Cruise down the river Tiber on a boat tour for a different view of the city and take in the wonderful surroundings with your favourite person. There are cruises with live music, drinks and/or food as well as hop-on-hop-off options.

Explore Vatican City

Be inspired by the Vatican Museums – 1400 rooms containing art and artefacts from over 3,000 years of Roman history. Not to forget the Sistine Chapel, that attracts more than 5 million visitors a year (equal to the population of Norway). Advance booking and tickets with fast-track entry are advised, but it’s a real must-visit.

St Peter’s Basilica

Also part of the Vatican, St Peter’s is one of the holiest Catholic churches in the world and a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture. Climb to the top of the dome for 360-degree views of St Peter’s Square and the city of Rome, or admire the many statues and artworks, including the Pietà – Michelangelo’s only signed work. If you’re Catholic, you can even be married here. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Aventine Hill

Climb Aventine Hill to enjoy a romantic picnic while gazing down at the city from above. Set in a quieter residential district, it’s a break from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. Take a cheeky bottle of wine at sunset and don’t forget to peek through the keyhole of the Knights of Malta for a particularly beautiful view.

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Teatro Dell’Opera di Roma

Head over to the famous opera house to witness a jaw-dropping opera or ballet. Built in the nineteenth century, this theatre is one of the best in Europe. A perfect evening or day activity, you and your partner will leave feeling refreshed and inspired.

Raphael Rooftop Dinner

Enjoy a fancy dinner on the Hotel Raphael roof terrace looking out over Rome. Look up from your meal to admire views of the Church of St Agnes, the Church of St Mary of the Soul and Santa Maria della Pace. Or simply gaze into your partner’s eyes.


As the sun goes down, head over to Trastevere to explore the more laid-back, bohemian side of Rome. Wander through boutique shops selling a variety of unique products perfect for special gifts or souvenirs. There are also plenty of cafés for a relaxing cup of coffee while enjoying the evening air.

Trevi Fountain

Don’t forget to throw a coin into the famous Trevi fountain for luck. Legend has it, you will then be sure to return to Rome in the future. And if you throw in three coins, the fountain promises marriage! All the coins are later collected and donated to charity. Learn about this iconic Roman landmark here.

Giolitti Ice Cream

Ice cream lover? If you’re starting to feel the heat after a long walk, this is the perfect place to cool off. With every flavour imaginable and sprinkles galore, this is a great place to stop off during a day out. Discover some of the best gelato in the city thanks to our guide with local bloggers!

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The Garden of Oranges

Take a leisurely stroll to the Giardino degli Aranci behind the Basilica of Santa Sabine with the ancient ruined walls of the Castle Savelli. Take a picnic or go to enjoy the sunset, accompanied by the wonderful fragrance of the orange trees. What could be more relaxing?

Ponte Sant’Angelo

Enjoy a scenic wander along the Tiber until you reach the Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge that dates back to the 15th century. Watch the lights of Rome reflect and sparkle in the water and think about the love of your life (or the pizza you’re going to order later).

Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo is close to the Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge and beautifully lit at night. It’s occasionally open in the evenings, which is a chance to explore the castle when it’s much quieter than normal. Now housing a museum, it was originally built as the Mausoleum of Hadrian and later converted to a papal fortress. While that may not sound romantic, the impressive architecture, peaceful atmosphere and views from the terrace are well worth the trip.

Hidden Cafés and Rooftop Terraces

It wouldn’t be a romantic get-away without a drink at a hidden café or on a rooftop terrace. Rome is home to many places of the sort waiting to be discovered by you and your partner. Stroll through the streets to stumble upon cosy cafés amongst the brick.

The Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are part of the ancient city of Rome. Explore the ancient ruins, iconic pillars, historical buildings and winding cobbled streets with your partner while you literally walk in the footsteps of emperors.


A very popular wedding venue, Piazza del Campidoglio is a great place for holiday photos, particularly as there is no traffic. The piazza itself was designed by Michelangelo and has plenty of cafés to stop at. Located on Capitoline Hill, it also offers more exquisite views over the city.


Lungotevere were large walls built to protect Rome from the Tiber flooding. Now a boulevard running along the edge of the river, this is a perfect spot for a romantic evening stroll while looking out over the water.

Gianicolo Hill

For the most breathtaking panorama of Rome yet, Gianicolo Hill is the place to go to. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your heels and best dress, as taxis run regularly to the top. With cafés and shops conveniently located, there’s no need to pack a picnic either. With so many romantic places in Rome, it’s hard to choose where to start. An OMNIA Vatican & Rome card will save you time and money on big and small attractions, making your romantic getaway go as smoothly as possible. Wishing you a romantic trip!
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