Fifteen phrases anyone coming to Rome should know

You’re getting all excited about coming to Rome, swatting up on the top attractions you want to visit, learning about the best places to go for a pizza and where to go for your historical fix... Don’t forget to brush up on your Italian. While it’s common place to be able to gesticulate your way around (the Italians love a bit of hand movements) it’s always better to come prepared with some key phrases to help you get by. The Romans are friendly people, but they’ll be even friendlier if you show some effort at meeting them half way by learning their language. To make it easier for you, we thought of fifteen key phrases you should learn before you come and to keep to hand when you explore the city. From introducing yourself, to asking for a glass of wine, we hope it’ll get you by – even as a starter! 1) Ciao / Buonasera – Hello / Good evening 2) Si / No – Yes / No 3) Perfavore – Please 4) Mi chiamo... – My name is... 5) Parli inglese? – Do you speak English? 6) Parlo un po italiano – I speak a little Italian 7) Non capisco – I don’t understand 8) Può parlare più lentamente? – Can you please speak slowly? 9) Come si dice ____ in italiano? – How do you say ____ in French? 10) Dov'è il bagno? – Where is the toilet? 11) Si può prendere la mia foto per favour? – Would you take my picture, please? 12) Si accetta carte di credito straniere? – Do you take foreign credit cards? 13) Quanto costa? – How much is this? 14) Dov'è il Colosseo / il Vaticano / Roman Forum? – Where is the Coliseum / the Vatican / Foro Romano? 15) Un bicchiere di vino per favore – Please may I have a glass of wine? Combine your phrases with the OMNIA Vatican & Rome Card and you’re guaranteed to have a holiday of a lifetime. See the sights of Rome with the Roma Pass and make some great savings along the way – it couldn’t be easier. Learn more, here.

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