Discover the Roman Summer with 'Estate Romana'

Estate Romana, which literally translates as Roman Summer, is the summer event in Rome that’s worth keeping your eye on... It’s so much than just one event; it’s actually a series of events that run from the beginning to the end of the summer, starting early June to the end of September. Explore the four corners of culture; from dance and music, to theatre productions and art exhibitions - and much more! Piazzas are turned into performance venues, while open air cinemas pop up in every available space. It’s a haven for those in need of some edifying or even those after a unique experience of Rome. We’ve highlighted some of the best events you can catch this summer, from paint throwing to night-time walks, classic opera and off-the-wall perfomances. Holi Festival of Colours The Holi Festival of Colours has taken over the world as a summer rite. From its origins as an Indian celebration to celebrate the happiness and wellbeing of one’s families, it's turned into a modern phenomenon as people are handed paintballs while dancing to DJ sets. On the 14th June, Rome will host its first ever Holi Festival of Colours at the Capannelle Hippodrome. It will fall, symbolically, on the following day of the full moon that month – and will be celebrated in a (playful) fight in which powder paint balls are launched through the air in celebration. Something for those who aren’t afraid to get a bit messy, it’s a fun filled experience! Tour the Roman Forum at Night See the sights by night and explore a different side of ancient Rome. The Roman Forum comes to life in this night-time tour held every Wednesday and every Saturday evenings from May to November. Take in the impressive illuminated ruins after dusk has fallen and admire Rome’s ancient history. Starting at 9pm at the Teatro Marcello in Piazza Campidoglio, you’ll follow a trail outside of the Roman Forum itself for the best views of the ruins from above. You’ll be taken past the Mamertime Prison, Caesar’s Forum and scale some medieval steps to complete your nocturnal experience. Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel After Dark To continue the theme of night-time excursions, the Vatican Museums are holding after dark tours every Friday from the 2nd May to the 25th July, as well as from the 5th September to the 31st October. You’ll be able to visit the world famous Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel from 7pm to 11pm. With over 9 miles of art to be admired, including mosaics, tapestries and sculpture, you can walk around the museum like a VIP – when everyone else has gone home! If you’re not a fan of crowds this is a great opportunity to get an undisturbed view of the great masterpieces and of course Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement. C!rca Beyond International Festival For something a little more contemporary and mind-bending, the C!rca Beyond International Festival is taking over Villa Adriana, Hadrian’s archaeological ruins, in Tivoli, just outside Rome. This stunning setting is a picture-perfect scenario for the wild festival-come-circus that promises crazy performances by animals and humans; it will confuse madness with sanity and blur the lines between dreaming and reality. ‘Intense, surreal and unexpectedly touching’ – this re-constructed circus dynamic will shock, amaze and inspire. Not to be missed – book online for tickets on the 6th July, starting at 9pm. Ballet at the Terme di Caracalla For something a little more cultured and conventional, the ancient Terme di Caracalla – the ruins of the public baths of ancient Rome – play host to classical performances, including ballet and opera. Kicking off on the 24th June until the 9th August, Carmen opens the season, followed by the Tokyo Ballet on the 27th - 28th June and Swan Lake from the 3rd to the 15th July. The Prodigal Son and La Bohème are also in the programme, so it’s not short of a few classics. Enjoy the novelty of sitting under the stars watching awe-inspiring performances of some of the crème de la crème of classical music and dance.

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