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Rome has played host to numerous Hollywood blockbusters and cult films for decades. With its streets drenched in history and its inescapably intimate (yet chaotic) setting, it’s the perfect location for any movie – be it romantic, moody or thrilling. It all started with the cinematic movement, Neorealism, which addressed the changing political situations of the middle of the 20th century. With power struggles and money struggles, the city made for an appropriate setting – plus, scattered with beautiful actors and cobbled streets, it couldn't help but work towards the creation of a picture-perfect film. Follow our itinerary to create your own Hollywood backdrop whilst visiting Rome: Trevi Fountain Rome’s best loved fountain, the Trevi Fountain, has been the backdrop to many cult films both old and new. Considered a Baroque masterpiece and the largest fountain in Rome, it’s a honey pot for locals and visitors alike who go to throw a coin into its basin, to make a wish to return to the city in the future. Superstitions aside, it’s an impressive landmark in central Rome - who doesn't remember that iconic scene in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita when Anita Eckberg take an impromptu dip. Yes, that one! Spanish Steps Just around the corner from the Trevi Fountain are the Spanish Steps which have featured in many celebrated films. The one that propelled Hepburn into Hollywood stardom was the classic Roman Holiday - one of the best visual guides to the city there is. With a wide range of backdrops, you can’t forget the scene in which she sits on the Spanish Steps to eat her ice cream. Did you know, a few streets behind the Spanish Steps is the address where her on-screen love Gregory Peck lived in the film too. In real life, Federico Fellini only lived a few doors up! Coliseum The Coliseum is one of Rome’s most loved landmarks and an icon of the Ancient Empire. Still standing over 2000 years on, the Coliseum has featured in many popular films over the years, but none as much as Gladiator. Ok, the film set was a man-made construction, but through the film you can really learn about how the Coliseum looked in all its glory and the role it played in Roman society at the time. Today you can still explore the ancient ruins and Roman Forum yourself with free entry with the Roma Pass. Castel Sant’angelo From old classics to modern masterpieces, Castel Sant’angelo is Rome’s impressive fortress overlooking the River Tiber. Its sheer scale and size makes it the perfect backdrop for some impressive footage and you’ll find it’s been used in a number of films, but more recently Darran Brown’s spiritual thriller, Angels and Demons, where its neighbouring Piazza del Popolo also featured as one of Tom Hanks’ first clues. Trastevere This much loved neighbourhood across the river is one of Rome’s most quaint and intimate areas. A maze of cobbled streets and piazzas it’s truly Roman in its terracotta hues and local ambiance. In Woody Allan’s To Rome with Love, it’s home to one of his main characters and you’ll also recognise it as a local haunt of Julia Robert’s character, Elizabeth Gilbert in the adaptation of the bestselling Eat, Pray, Love. Create your own movie this holiday and set your own backdrops with the OMNIA Vatican & Rome Card .

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