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Blogger's Best Gelaterias in Rome

If you’re spending the summer in Rome, you’ll quickly find yourself searching for ways to cool off in the heat and in desperate need of refreshment. There’s no better way to tackle those needs and celebrate the Rome’s thriving culinary scene than with an ice cold creamy gelato. Gelato is one of Rome’s most iconic gourmet staples and is not to be missed, especially after a long hot day on the tourist trail. Forget waiting until after dinner, have dessert first and make a beeline for some of the best haunts in town during the day. There’s no better way to cool off than with a scoop (or three) of homemade ice cream – trust us. We asked some of the best food, travel and city bloggers where to order the best gelato in Rome. Take it from the professionals and read on...

Best Gelato in Rome

Именно здесь Грегори Пек угощал мороженым Одри Хепберн в фильме "Римские каникулы"🍦 _____________ Побывать в Италии и не попробовать gelato- непростительно) Giolitti — самое старое кафе-мороженое в Риме. Это историческое заведение было внесено в список Forbes, как одно из самых вкусных морожениц мира. Здесь можно попробовать мороженое со вкусом сицилийской кассаты, шампанского, марсалы и риса Настоящим удовольствием будет выстоять очередь в кафе возле Пантеона и насладится рожком мороженого у фонтана напротив исторического здания. И после встать в очередь опять 💛

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Best Gelato near the Pantheon

We spoke with Alida, the food blogger behind MyLittleItalianKitchen, who suggested Gelateria Giolitti. Located on Via Uffici del Vicario, this family-run business has been in the business of gelato for over a hundred years and has a prime spot on the tourist trail. She said, ‘“The Gelateria Giolitti is barely a stones throw from the Pantheon and the Trevi fountain and is a family run business which has been producing ice cream since 1890. The salon of Gelateria Giolitti has an attractive decor styled in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style and which is very elegant with the 1930’s furnishings.” As for what they serve? They’ve had a few years to figure out their flavour range and it’s an endless list of both traditional Italian favourites and international influences. Alida continued, “Their tremendous selection of ice cream flavours range from figs, dried fruit, champagne, rice, zabaione, sicilian cassata, nutella and cookies and many others which will leave you craving for more. Their ice cream is simply fantastic! Just the place to go for a creamy and first class ice cream indulgence in stylish surroundings.”

Best gelato near St Peter’s Basilica

Gelarmony - Via Marcantonio Colonna, 34 With four locations and an avid fan base, Gelarmony is a local favourite and travel blogger Valeria of Rome, New York, London, World insists it's one of the best scoops in Rome. For those poring over their guidebooks and figuring out the day’s route, make time to stop off at their branch situated just fifteen minutes from St Peter’s Basilica for a cold treat. Valeria said, “Their gelato comes in sixty different and delicious flavors, all made of natural ingredients imported from Sicily. You can’t go wrong by picking the more common flavors like chocolate or pistachio, but you should also try their specialties such as cassata and my personal favorites: tiramisù and amaretto. Gelarmony also offers tasty soya-based options. Enjoy!” Let her know what you think on Twitter @RomeNYLondWorld

Unique gelato in Rome

Gelateria del Teatro – Via dei Coronari, 65 (Navona Square) & Lungotevere dei Vallati, 25 (Campo dei Fiori Square /Lungotevere area) For those bored of the standard chocolate and vanilla, head to one of Gelateria del Teatro’s two branches for a more experimental bite. It’s one of local Rome blogger Antonio of Romeing’s favourite spots to cool off on a hot summer’s day with a scoop of some of the best gelato in Rome. Antonio said, “Gelateria del Teatro is so confident about their quality that in each of their two charming locations you can even watch them make their gelato. Flavours include lavender with white peach and pumpkin with chocolate and there is a variety of cone sizes to choose from, including the giant, five-scoop cone monster. We recommend the specialty: rosemary and lemon, a refreshing, cleansing, light yet satisfying flavor.” Let Antonio know which flavours you’ve tried at @Romeing

Best traditional gelato in Rome

Venchi – Via degli Orfani, 87 Why dispute the classics? A gelateria named Venchi takes the prize for the best traditional gelato in the city according to food blogger Beverley of Beverley Glock, sticking to all natural ingredients and classic Italian flavours that will really hit the spot. As with the earlier Gelateria Gillotti, it’s also situated nearby the Pantheon in case you have room for more than one sweet treat on your travels. She said, “I’ve never had a poor ice cream in Rome so why would it start here? Venchi make their ice cream with natural ingredients; fresh milk, cream, eggs, fresh fruit and their own chocolate. Only fruit and nuts are used to colour and flavour their ice cream, so there’s no artificial colouring. “Venchi pride themselves on the variety of traditional Italian flavours they offer and situated in an idyllic location right next to The Pantheon, you can tick the ‘culture’ box as you sit down to enjoy the best ice cream in Rome. Do you agree? Let her know on @BeverleyGlock

Best gelato in Trastevere

La Fonte della Salute – Via Cardinal Marmaggi, 2-4-6 A day spent wandering the colourful neighbourhood of Trastevere never goes unwasted, as there’s always something new to discover in one of Rome’s most charming areas. Slip past the old men drinking espresso and the trattoria to grab a table at La Fonte della Salute, which serves an unforgettable gelato that caters to people from all walks of life. Blogger Tiziano of Rome Local Friend said, “La Fonte della Salute, which may be translated to “fountain of health” is definitely the best ice cream maker of Trastevere. The shop has been open since 1981. Then after a change in management, it came back stronger than before. Now they sell organic, vegan and gluten free ice cream. This is definitely what one would call the ‘Gelateria of the 21st century’. I love to pop in for a tasty ice cream whenever I am around. They still offer a very wide variety of flavours, from cream to fruit, so I invite you to come too during your strolls in the neighborhood. They also provide some free tables outside.” What’s your favourite flavour? Start a conversation with @RomeLocalFriend
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