A Royal visit to Rome

It's the convergence of two cultures as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are scheduled to visit Rome on the 3rd April. Fulfilling the postponed visit from last year, which was delayed due to illness, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are finally making the trip next month to meet with Pope Francis and the Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano. In anticipation of her visit, we’ve put together a list of places in Rome where the Queen might like to go and things to see during her stay. We hope her majesty is reading... Quirinal Palace This palace, known locally as Quirinale is the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic. Famously, it has been home to thirty popes, four kings and eleven presidents and spans over 110,500 square metres - giving Buckingham Palace a run for its money. Built in 1583, Quirinale is the sixth largest palace in the world and is adorned with impressive Renaissance art work and mosaics. If it’s good enough for the Italian royalty, it’s good enough for ours. St Peter’s Basilica Home to the Pope, there’s no doubt that the Queen will be visiting this iconic cathedral during her short stay. As the epicentre of Roman Catholicism, it has a wealth of history behind it, from masters of the Renaissance to papal patrons. If the Queen is after a view to remember then she should go up the Duomo (dome) for spectacular panoramas across the city. We’re sure the Pope will agree. Capitoline Museums For a bit of culture, history and to learn about the ancient ways of Rome, the Capitoline Museums are the perfect place to indulge in a bit of artistic appreciation. From sculptures, mosaics and paintings, the Queen can discover Rome’s talented past and marvel in its ancient archaeology and architecture. As a patron of the arts herself, we’re sure her majesty would enjoy a walk around this notable museum. Coliseum One of the most iconic sights in Rome, the Coliseum is as important a landmark to the city as St Peter’s Basilica. Drenched in history, the Coliseum was once the amphitheatre of legendary gladiator competitions and entertainment where the head of state, like the Queen, would have no doubt have been special guest over 2000 years ago. As a monumental landmark with such an exciting history, the Queen couldn’t leave Rome without walking through its ancient stone arches, surely? National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo Another important historical landmark, this museum should be top of the Queen’s to-do list when she visits Rome in April. A building with many pasts, Castel Sant’Angelo has been everything from a military base, a prison, Papal refuge and even a fortress. Now the museum delves into its diverse past and is one of Rome’s most fascinating attractions. Just down the Tiber from St Peter’s Basilica, it would be a tragedy to miss it. We’re sure the Queen is getting excited for her impending visit, after all Rome is a city with much to offer and with a spread of ancient landmarks to see, so she’ll no doubt be busy. If you fancy a visit to Rome and like the sounds of the itinerary above then the OMNIA & Vatican Card is your key to the Eternal City, unlocking over 30 attractions and giving you free and discounted entry into the best sights. With a hop-on, hop-off bus tour, travel included and a guidebook it’s the perfect sightseeing pass.

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