A Guide to Christmas in Rome

Christmas in Rome is an amazing experience and there are a vast array of different things to do. We made a guide to get you started on what you could do over the festive period:

  1. See the Pope Over Christmas you have a lot of opportunities. If you can get tickets midnight mass is magical but if not ‘Urbi et Orbi’ on Christmas day is another opportunity, and you don’t need tickets!
  2. Visit a Christmas market There are markets all over Rome during December and early January. The most famous is the market in Piazza Navona which is always bustling and is lit up with lights.
  3. Go ice skating Here’s an ice skating rink in the shadow of Rome’s Castel Sant’Angelo which is perfect for getting in the Christmas spirit. You can also ice skate at the Auditorium which also houses a Christmas fair and lots of concerts.
  4. Discover the tradition of nativity scenes Rome boasts a museum of over 3000 nativity scenes and also a pop-up exhibition over Christmas of a further 200 scenes imagined by artists from around the world.
  5. Appreciate the Christmas lights Wander the streets of Rome and see it from a new perspective. The city comes alive over the festive period with lights lining the roads.
  6. Go to a bakery The bakeries fill up with delicious holiday treats like panettone and torrone that aren’t sold in the other months. You won’t regret it!
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